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A continent lost and found

"The Hindu traditions speak of Atala, a sunken Paradise lying in the Far East." Source: Arysio Nunes dos Santos Atala

Some myths and legends may be echoes of historical events. For example, the existence of Troy was doubted until Heinrich Schliemann accepted Homer's epics as oral history.

The lost continent of Atlantis has long been a popular subject of pseudo-archaeology, possibly since Plato's time. However, Atlantis may have been a corruption of the Sanskrit word Atala. If so, it may echo an oral history of a continent that was flooded as melting glaciers raised sea levels around the world, as Stephen Oppenheimer argues in Eden of the East (Book review.)

This website is concerned with the science behind the myths. Since the mid-19th century, when Louis Agassiz popularized the concept of an ice age, generations of earth scientists have pieced together the story of the ice ages. The aim of these web pages is to apply their science to Sundaland to learn about its past and what it may signify for our own and future generations.

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